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MAH®  Magnesium for any stress related behaviour, anxiety or tension.

Nupafeed Dog Supplements are developed by German Pharmaceutical Company Verla-Pharm, on the basis of in-depth scientific knowledge, using their high grade, superior quality, natural ingredients. All Nupafeed supplements are manufactured in an exclusive environment with stringent quality and production control to eliminate any risk of cross contamination, therefore ensuring the integrity of our unique and highly reputable products that are suitable for any working dog.


Nupafeed-Dogs has a select range of Verla-Pharm products, offering the same high quality and reliability, which has become synonymous with the Nupafeed brand. Our Stress-Less magnesium calmer is designed to combat anxiety problems at their cause, without using sedative ingredients to mask behaviour. Our Flex GLM dog joint supplement contains the "super" ingredient Green Lipped Mussel which is renowned for it's unsurpassed protective and lubricating properties. Nupafeed Stamina Extra with L-Carnitine, aids stamina and energy and supports muscle growth.

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Superior Supplements for Dogs


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Flex GLM

Flex GLM Green Lipped Mussel Joint Supplement for Dogs

Green Lipped Mussel joint supplement. Provides complete care for joints and supports tendon and ligament repair.

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Stamina-Extra L-Carnitine energy and muscle supplement for dogs

For stamina, power and recovery. Also supports a healthy heart and fitness in overweight dogs.

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  • Recommended by vets, trainers & physiotherapists.

  • Tailor made advice to ensure the best results.

  • All Nupafeed-Dog products are completely natural and competition legal.

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