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What else can you do to help?


Give your dog a secure and familiar environment. Preferably keep them indoors, or make their kennel as comfortable as possible.


Exercise your dog before the fireworks start.


Close all doors, windows and curtains to help muffle sound and avoid flashes of light. Turn the TV or radio on in advance to help disguise the noise and give your dog something more familiar to hear.  


You may want to provide your dog with a hide-away area, somewhere they are familiar with that feels enclosed and secure but where they can easily see you if they want to.


Keep your dog company but behave as normal. Fussing and comforting your dog will reinforce the idea that something is wrong. Your dog will look to you for guidance, so the more normal you can be the better.


Ensure that pets are microchipped

Delia Sarson - Swanpool Newfoundlands


"In Dog World I saw several articles on how to calm dogs during fireworks. I thought I would try Stress-less. I have previously tried all sorts of things but none of them worked so needless to say I was a bit sceptical about the product. Two of my bitches live outside and fireworks have, in the past, made them extremely stressed and anxious. Nervous barking, pacing up and down etc. I gave them the doseage recommended and on Saturday 6th November, the fireworks were very close and loud and there were lots of them. I was absolutely amazed as the two girls were quiet and calm. No stress, no panic and no barking. I couldnt believe how calm they were. Stressless certainly worked, it was brilliant. I shall continue to use it, especially for Crufts as one of my Newfies does get stressed there with all the noise and the crowds. I have told friends how well it worked and certainly would recommend Stressless to anyone with similar problems. It really does work and there are no side effects as there are no sedatives in it."

The basic feeding level for Stress-Less is 1 tablet or 1ml of the liquid per 10Kg bodyweight. The feeding rate is variable and in most cases people use a double amount given two hours ahead of the start of fireworks.


You will need to start feeding Stress-Less a few days in advance so that you can build the amount gradually.


You are best to feed Stress-Less every day over the Firework period in case of unexpected bangs.  For firework-free evenings you can return to the basic feeding rate.


If your dog is generally stressful you can continue to feed Stress-Less on a long term basis.


Firework Stress

SL Liquid and Tablets

The firework season can be a very stressful time for your dog. Nupafeed Stress-Less is a unique supplement designed to support your dog’s ability to manage stressful situations.

Amanda Ferguson Viv Pritchard

01438 861 900

Naturally helps stressful behaviour


No drowsy action


Safe to feed for any period of time


Feeding level can be adjusted


Available as tablets or liquid for easier feeding


Can be used with other supplements or sedative medication if needed


Viv Pritchard


"Charlie, 8 year old Staff Russell,

usually very confident is terrified

of fireworks. Nothing you do can

calm her, she crawls into the

smallest darkest place she can

find and shakes uncontrollably.

The MAH Calmer was a success

for my horse so I gave the canine

version, Nupafeed Stress Less a

try. I started a week before

Nov 5th and built up the dose.

Brilliant!! She hardly reacted at all! Thank you very much!"

Amanda Ferguson  

Greyhound Trainer


"Lisselton Lark used to get very

stressed around bonfire night,

she used to hide under the table

and hyperventilate. I put her on

the Nupafeed Stress-less tablets

which produced fantastic results!!

She is a retired greyhound so we

thought we would try the Nupafeed Flex GLM joint supplement as the other product worked so well. Lissy now has much more freedom of movement and is enjoying her retirement"      

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What you need to know about Stress-Less...

How it works...

Feeding Stress-Less for fireworks:

Stress-Less Product Page

Stress-Less contains Nupafeed’s unique patented magnesium compound, MAH. Magnesium is an essential nutrient that supports tolerance to stress by antagonising the action of calcium on the nerves and other body cells.


By providing a plentiful supply of magnesium during the stressful hours of the Firework season, Stress-Less helps your dog to remain calm naturally.


Delia Sarson