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Molly McConkey


"Early in 2014 my young dog ‘Rocky’ had a fright whilst the judge was going over him on the table. At a show soon after he was very unsettled and aware of every noise and loosing concentration very easily. Unfortunately due to my own inability to show for the majority of the show season I had no opportunity to get him out again before Crufts 2015. Unsure how he would cope with the big day his breeder recommended Nupafeed Stress-less liquid. He was given this in his food with no objection to taste for 2 weeks leading up to Crufts and on the day he appeared very calm and attentive and won his class of 24 entries. I would recommend Nupafeed to anyone who has a dog with any sort of anxiety problem; I am going to try it with my pups that have travel sickness problems. In fact I am about to experiment with the Human version for myself!"                  

Molly McConkey Rocky Pat Phillips

Sarah Hadley - Stress-less


I run a rescue for German Short Haired pointers, and we were asked to help with 6yr GSP who was living in an unsuitable environment as a companion for an elderly lady. We placed him in a foster home but he was completely manic in the house and literally would do a wall-of-death around the living room. He just couldn’t settle, so he was put in a crate – and that proved even worse, he wrecked 3 crates, and was still acting in a very manic way, despite the best efforts of his very experienced foster Mum.


The final straw came when he tried to dig his way out, and impaled his foot on one of the wire uprights and it was realised that something had to be done to help calm him.  Fortuitously, the foster Mum heard about Stress-Less.  She decided to try it immediately, and administered a dose to this lovely lad, and then calmly put him in the crate, and sat down.  Within minutes he was fast asleep, and not only that, stayed there whilst she went out of the room to see what would happen.


She was amazed!  So it was decided to give him routinely.  Upon advice from Nupafeed, for the first two weeks the dose was at double the normal levels.  It was amazing.  He immediately became much calmer, with an improvement seen each day, until within two weeks he as back onto a normal maintenance dose, and able to be left for short periods in a crate (with other dogs for company).  

We then put him up for rehoming, and he was quickly offered a lovely home. He was still a bit over-active, but went to his new home with a supply of Stress-less, and settled in well.  Within 6 weeks they had stopped administering Stress-less, and this lovely lad was showing what a normal happy young GSP he really was.


So I can honestly say that Stress-less saved this lad, as without it, it was hard to envisage him ever being able to go to a new home, so he would have been destined to live out his life in kennels or worse.


This boy has continued to enchant his adoptive family, and within 11 months of joining them was officially accepted as a PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog, has become a regular visitor to the local old people’s home – who would have thought it ……….


As a rescue, we routinely recommend Stress-less to those who adopt from us, as GSPs are a sensitive breed, and it is not uncommon for them to suffer from severe Separation Anxiety.  We have also used Stress-less routinely and very effectively for those dogs that react badly to fireworks or thunderstorms, or who get very worried about visiting the vet.  It makes such a difference to enable them to manage their fears.

Pam Etheredge

Stress-Less Customer Reviews

Kathleen Poxon

Izzi Miyaki winning B.I.B. Crufts 2010.


"Izzi was winning consistently when later in the year she was frightened and was almost impossible to show. A friend suggested Stress-Less to see if it would help her.  It has helped a great deal and she is now so much more confident which in turn means that I feel less stressed when taking her into the show ring. I am so grateful to have heard about Stress-Less."

Kathleen Poxon Jean Grandfield Karrie Picolo Delia Sarson Andgie and Elvis Beverley O'Lone Allyson thome Alison Mathews Jean Richards Mary Walker Viv Pritchard Vicky Hope Amanda Ferguson Light grey square

Please note: Lafora is a form of epilepsy that is prevalent amongst Dachsunds, Beagles and Bassets, symptoms normally start at around 5yrs of age and can easily be misinterpreted as nervousness, for more information visit:

Jean Grandfield - Bontrapu Boxer

Left: Bontrapu Dressed to Dance, ‘Lilly’.


"My young Boxer bitch, Lilly, has always found life very exciting and none more so than when going to a good show. Once in the ring her exuberance builds and getting her to concentrate  was almost impossible. I have tried several herbal remedies to calm her down with no effect, then I read about Nupafeed Stress-Less in Jane Lilley’s column in Dog World and sent for some straight away. I now give Lilly Stress-Less a week before a show with excellent results. She is now more receptive, calmer and her attention span has improved considerably. Many thanks for your advice and help."

Delia Sarson - Swanpool Newfoundlands


"In Dog World on October 23rd I saw several articles on how to calm dogs during fireworks.  I thought I would try Stress-less by Nupafeed. I have previously tried all sorts of things but none of them worked so needless to say I was a bit sceptical about the product. Two of my bitches live outside and fireworks have, in the past, made them extremely stressed and anxious. Nervous barking, pacing up and down etc. I gave them the doseage recommended and on Saturday 6th November, the fireworks were very close and loud and there were lots of them. I was absolutely amazed as the two girls were quiet and calm. No stress, no panic and no barking. I couldnt believe how calm they were. Stressless certainly worked, it was brilliant. I shall continue to use it, especially for Crufts as one of my Newfies does get stressed there with all the noise and the crowds. I have told friends how well it worked and certainly would recommend Stressless to anyone with similar problems. It really does work and there are no side effects as there are no sedatives in it."


Left is a picture of my newfie who has been taking Stressless.  She is pictured with my daughter Joanne who shows her.  

Paula Robinson -  Rivervale Chihauhuas  

                                                                                                                                                                                   "As a keen hobby breeder of top class Chihuahuas and a Chihuahua addict I demand only the best for my dogs and find Nupafeed Stress-Less to be the best product. I’ve found for my bitches keeping them stress free and happy throughout pregnancy whelping and weaning, and it also keeps my two stud dogs in tip top condition and calm."

Angie and Elvis


"Elvis my miniature wire dachshund had a bad experience at a show, where he fell off an old fashioned set of weighing scales. This caused many problems as he became stressed and unhappy about going to shows. He has had to be completely retrained to accept the showing environment again. I tried many calming products to try to help him cope but nothing really worked. I then saw Stress-Less advertised in the paper and thought we'd give that a try, we've had amazing results he is now allot calmer and enjoying his showing again (although we still avoid the old style scales). He gained his first RCC at Leeds Champ show 2010. Many thanks for such a great product."

Emer Bermingham, County Wicklow


“My Dalmatian bitch Ruby was a nightmare, she was not only hyperactive but also suffered from anxiety and would whine all the way to shows. After a couple of weeks on Nupafeed Stress Less, and some trials with adjusting the dosage, she has changed completely and is just like a normal dog!”

Beverley O’Lone


"Geordie my 2 year old border collie was really enjoying his agility training but is desperate to please he got stressed if we repeated things so much so he eventually started to run and hide at the start of a course. I had tried other products and tablets but nothing worked. I tried Stress-Less and he is back competing again. He is definitely much more focussed and relaxed when working and playing more often with our other dogs. I have already recommended stress-less to friends and other competitors. I am amazed at the results as I seriously had considered giving up agility with him."

Allyson Tohme


"Arrow is an enthusiastic, spirited dog who loves to work.  Since using Stress-less his performance in competition has become more focused and composed"  


Pictured left: Jake at Jotunheim SchH3 CDex UDex WDex

Alison Matthews - Dog Trainer


"After trying different methods to calm my anxious rescued German Pointer, I've found something that works, Nupafeed Stress-less!! No more nervous barking and great concentration when working. I am so impressed, I am happy to recommend Nupafeed products to all my clients."

Jean Richards - Dog Owner


"I just had to write to tell you what a difference your Nupafeed Stress-less has made to my dog. She was a rescue dog and so I have little knowledge of what her life was like before she came to me. She was a very hyperactive Staffie x Whippet bitch with the temperament and muscle of a Staffie and the speed of a Whippet. Delightful but exhausting!! The change in her after taking Nupafeed Stress-less for a few weeks was absolutely amazing. She is still very energetic but in a much more controlled way and is now a joy to have around."        

Mary Walker - Spain


"We have moved to Spain and I was dreading having to drive my boxer "Lizzie" who used to get very stressed and sick on car journeys. We had to drive from Cambridge to Plymouth, thirty hours on a ferry, before driving five hundred miles across Spain. A  freind recommended we use Nupafeed Stress-less as it had worked wonders on her dog. What a result, we had a stress free journey with no barking or travel sickness!!"

"Charlie, 8 year old Staff Russell, usually very confident is terrified of fireworks. Nothing you do can calm her, she crawls into the smallest darkest place she can find and shakes uncontrollably. The MAH Calmer was a success for my horse so I gave the canine version, Nupafeed Stress Less a try. I started a week before November 5th and built up the dose. Brilliant!! She hardly reacted at all!"


Thank you very much, Viv Pritchard

Vicky Hope - Asst. Trainer to Tony Tuffin


"Free Forever (retired Open Racing Greyhound) used to get very stressed and nervous around people especially men but since being on the Nupafeed Stress-less tablets he is much more relaxed and happier when in the company of people."

Kerrie Picolo - Whippet breeder


"I have tried the Nupafeed Stress-Less on my whippet bitch as she was attacked by another dog on her walk and was a bit unsure of other dogs, since I have been giving her the Stress-Less she has been a lot better, she has attended two shows since she has won both of them! I am very pleased I have found out about Nupafeed."


Pictured: Kaymark China Doll

Amanda Ferguson - Greyhound Trainer


"Lisselton Lark used to get very stressed around bonfire night, she used to hide under the table and hyperventilate. I put her on the Nupafeed Stress-less tablets which produced fantastic results!! She is a retired greyhound so we thought we would try the Nupafeed Flex GLM joint supplement as the other product worked so well. Lissy now has much more freedom of movement and is enjoying her retirement"      

Rachel Chatfield

Rachel Chatfield


"I just wanted to drop you a line to express how pleased I am with the Nupafeed supplements I now use for my Jack Russell, Okie. I started off initially using the Flex GLM and Stamina Extra supplement to support her body, as we train hard and compete in Kennel Club Agility Competitions. Her muscles are now more defined and she seems stronger over all and (touch wood) she has not had and little sprain injuries that she has suffered from occasionally in the past.


I have always had a problem at competition of her going flat and into herself, I have always felt this was a confidence issue which would resolve itself in time with more experience. I have now tried your Stressless supplement last weekend, I got my Okie back she was confident and bold and ran beautifully like she does at training, she went so well she on Saturday she can 2nd in her Agility class and on Sunday went one better and won putting her into Grade 5.


I'm so pleased I tried your supplements."

Julie Fricker Crifts Winner 2012

Julie Fricker


“Murdoch had a broken leg as a puppy and spent a lot of time in a cage so missed a big part of his socialisation.  He was a nervous wreck everywhere except at home, so to show him was almost impossible. He would cower in his cage wouldn't eat or drink go to the toilet or walk properly it was very upsetting to see him so stressed. Then a friend recommended your product and he became a different dog, he was confident and proud and he showed like a dream winning his class at crufts. I will be recommending your product to whoever needs something like this it is amazing the change in him thank you so much for this totally fabulous thing!”

Caroline Osborne

Caroline Osborne - Derohan Whippets


"I was recommended Stress-less by a friend at ring training when I told her that my home-bred dog puppy, Nicholas, had started having attacks of 'stage fright' whilst being examined by judges at shows despite never having had a bad experience, although he was fine on the table both at home and at training (familiar places/faces).  He has been taking it for about 4 weeks now and is a different dog, much more relaxed and no longer trembles whilst being examined by the judge and has been well placed in large classes at both Paignton and Bournemouth championship shows.  Herewith a photo taken of him in the ring today."

Pam Etheredge


"This is my 23 month old Border Collie who up to the age of 11 months was fine being handled in the show ring by anyone. Suddenly she became terrified about being handled in the ring and it was impossible to get near her body. She was too frightened to listen to my commands. After reading about Stress-Less I decided to give it a try. I received very helpful and friendly advice. After one week of a morning dose I topped it up in the evening and a little more in the morning before entering the ring.  Slight leaning on me but listened to my command and stood. By the afternoon she stood calmly and at ease. Last weekend we were out Saturday and Sunday. Saturday Diva won two classes and was remarked on her behaviour. Sunday she got B.O.B and group 2. I am so pleased as it was distressing to see Diva so unhappy in the ring and difficult to understand as she was friendly and at ease outside the ring!"


Jenny Clifford

Jenny Clifford, Cedarhythe Shih Tzus


"Just a few lines to express our gratitude to all at Nupafeed for the help and support they have given us regarding our Shih Tzu male Finley.


As a puppy he had a tremendous start to his show career Best Puppies, Puppy Group 2nd and  3rd a R.C.C. and numerous 1st at champ level, followed by 5 R.C.C’s. And his 1st CC and BOB at Three Counties Ch show 2012.


We took him up to Border Union show and for no apparent reason he threw a real wobbler and blew away any chance of a CC. After another couple of shows where he wasn’t the old Finley. Looking through Dog World I saw your Nupafeed advert and decided to ring and had a really long conversation with one of the girls. She was extremely helpful. I purchased Stress-Less and administered it as she advised. Slowly we saw an improvement in his personality.


We attended a few shows and he started to show improvement. He has only been shown lightly and we were hopefully building him up to Crufts 2013. He looked gorgeous and went round the ring with real confidence. Showing his socks off. Won 1st in limit Dog got best dog CC, then challenged the Best Bitch and was thrilled to be awarded BEST OF BREED (An amazing Day)!


Thankyou Nupafeed and Stress-Less, from sll at Cedarhythe (Shih Tzu’s)"

Judy Pratt


Stress-Less was suggested to me by Zoe Brodie of Wolfscastle Hounds for my whippet who had started to be car sick. This had been late onset so thought probably not motion sickness. I gave the tablets to him for four days before taking him in the car. He has not been sick once and jumps willingly into the car. Before he hung back and had to be coaxed in. I presume he had a freight of some sort on a journey of which I was unaware. He now no longer needs the pills for travelling but I did use them before his first champion show at the weekend.


After this 100% success I looked at my other two dogs. One suffers from post season phantoms which were getting worse. She has just come through a complete cycle on Stress-Less with no symptoms at all. The old dog is starting to show signs of senility so on she went to Stress-Less too – All symptoms gone! I repeat THANK YOU!

Gina Croft - Falconmoor Border Collies


"Here at ‘Falconmoor’ we have used Nupafeed with great success. We first used Stress-Less on a young border collie we were showing, and the change in her was amazing. So after talking to one of their advisors, we used it on our 11yr old Border Collie ‘Abbi’. She demonstrates movements we use in training dogs for film work. We found that she showed a greater level of concentration, and was able to complete several complicated sequence without the need to stop and set up again. Our old German Shepard who is very stiff in her joints is now on Nupafeed Flex GLM and her movement seems to be easier. We would recommend Nupafeed to anyone with similar problems. Abbi’s problem was a stress level caused be over excitement, which sent her over the top with her eager to start and eager to finish"

Gina Croft Rachel Hay

Rachel Hay


"Absolutely delighted with Nupafeed Stress-less Liquid! So pleased with the effect it has had upon my dog's reaction to situations she finds stressful, there no longer seems to be a cumulative chronic stress, even her gait has relaxed. I'm so pleased I'm recommending it everyone I know with a nervous dog!"

Sarah Hadley S-L 3 copy Stress-Less Product Page Rose Poole SL Rostock Claas

Rose Poole, Rostock Kennel


“I saw Nupafeed Stressless advertised in the dog papers, decided to make more enquiries about the product, the product had good reviews so I put Rostock Claas on Stress-Less last year for a few months, campaigning a young male at the championship shows, the stress of going and exhibiting at the shows, giving him extra magnesium supplement would not do him any harm. Yes, Stress-Less helped Claas to enjoy being shown, took everything in his stride, eager to please his handler - alert, movement, he is a dog who loves people. I would recommend Stress-Less the magnesium supplement, if you think your dog is stressed sometimes when showing, obedience, or when travelling.”

Pat Phillips


"I am very pleased to tell you that Nupafeed Stressless has worked brilliantly on Oscar! He came from France  as a youngster who had no socialisation and was very nervous not only in the showring but also didn't want to go for nice walks and didn't want strangers to touch him. He was never aggressive, just very scared. We put him onto Stress-Less and he is still on it and now he loves his walks and at Crufts he was Reserve Best Dog (2015)."


Gazost 11 dit Oscar Du Pic D'Espade Kelltara import France

Ali Garbutt


"This product is FANTASTIC!!!! My dog, who is 6 years old, gets half a ml morning and night on chicken paste and it has changed her life !!!! I have tried various products which have only 'touched' her problem -  now my dog has her life back !! Two years ago she got a fright while she was on the beach when a large kite crashed down beside her, since that day she became frightened of all doors slamming, overhead planes, any 'droning' sounds, gun shots, she would constantly shake all night, every night, in the house with worry & she would run away when she saw kites flying, windsurfers, wind turbines etc. It was heart breaking to see her like this, even my vet couldn't help apart from putting her on a sedative which, I considered, a definite no-no. I can't tell you how happy I feel - I've now got my dog back and she is having a wonderful 'stress free' life !!!!!!!

I will keep her on it for the time being......possibly for ever.....



Jan Shafford


"I have been using Stress-Less for some years and have found it invaluable when competing as unlike other products it doesn't make him dopey just lets him calm down as he gets very excited, also really helps with fireworks as he is very scared."

Carole Whitfield


"Our Springer Spaniel Lucy was 15 months old when we got her. She was skin and bone had had a litter of puppies and was covered in fleas and lice. After lots of TLC she soon became a happy healthy dog but nervous around noise and/or people. At home she was a really good working spaniel but was too nervous to work when we took her shooting. A friend recommended stress less to us which we used last season and she became a different dog. She really enjoys herself now and works so well that I considered whether stress less was still necessary. But a couple of weeks ago my husband was shooting as a guest somewhere else and wasn't taking her so we hadn't been giving her the pills as we only use them 3 days leading up to a shoot day. When he brought his gun and all the gear into the kitchen she shrunk into her bed in the corner shaking and was relieved when he left without her. A week later, back to our normal shoot and 3 days on the pills when he brought his gun etc in, she was galloping round and round so excited to be going. So it looks like she will always need Stress-Less to help her enjoy her days out but that's fine with us. And when I realised we weren't going to have enough left I rang up and they sent them next day special delivery. I cannot thank them enough for a fabulous product. And this season everyone on the shoot has commented on the change in her.  This is a natural product with miraculous results."